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Salam, I’m Aimen! I help Career Muslim Professionals Turn the Knowledge in their Head into a Meaningful Digital Career + Legacy

I’m a Doctor, Blogger, and entrepreneur. 

My writing, videos and coaching explore the Muslim Mindset, productivity systems, and online entrepreneurship strategies in the light of our Deen to help us work for something I call the BIG win: 

The Big Win is striving to win BIG in Dunya and Akhirah: It’s to design your best life that you love, that strives to follow our Deen principles in everything, and to create impact in others with your knowledge, time, and money.


Most business and productivity gurus teach how to make more money or how to create a life and business you love. For Muslims, this is not enough.  

We go beyond the ego-driven motivators (such as “feeling good”, “luxury lifestyle”, “power”, and “influence”) and use our Faith to grow our business with the blessings from Allah SWT.  

We go beyond just creating joy & growth in our personal life for Dunya, but also strive to impact the lives of others for establishing Sadqah-e-Jariah in Akhirah.  

In Short – This means aligning everything in our work & personal life – from intentions, goals, business model, content, marketing strategies, sales tactics, money management to client relationships – with our Deen (our way of life as Muslims in the Quran & Sunnah).

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Every Saturday Morning, I share practical steps for Turning Your Ideas and Knowledge into an Impactful Online Course-Coaching-Service Business without compromising your values as a Muslim.


Deep-dive Free Trainings

Every few weeks, I release a new video training to my email community teaching you from my experience how to find your online business idea, increase productivity to work on your side-hustle without neglecting other areas of life, create authentic content that genuinely helps others, sell to Muslims, and monetize your expertise in a spiritually aligned way.


Work with Me

If you’re ready to learn from a Muslim doctor turned entrepreneur who has been in the online Muslim space for the last 5 years doing what you want to do and deeply cares about your success, I’d love to talk and work with you. I’ll coach you to start and grow your online business in a spiritually-driven and balanced way, without the confusion, frustration or exhaustion. If you’re interested, fill out this questionnaire here and I’ll reach out to you.

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In-depth articles that are guaranteed to change the way you think, give you plenty of ‘aha’ moments, and help you design your life to excel in and enjoy Deen and Dunya. Start reading the articles on the blog and get addicted to growth!

Grab Your Perfect ‘Starter’ Knowledge Business Idea Checklist

To have the confidence to start a side-hustle so you can eventually quit your 9-5, having a business idea that’s PERFECT for you is crucial. I can understand that starting your online course-coaching-service business may look daunting right now – especially when you’ve spent a long time building your current professional career and even reached a certain level of success in it.

It’s hard to even THINK of changing directions especially since your time is tied to your 9-5. It’s hard to find the courage to fully commit to a new path without a clear idea of what you even want to do. You may not have it all figured out just yet, nobody does when they’re starting out. In this checklist, I want to show you how to discover your dream business idea in less than 60 mins. 

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