What I’ve Learned Writing 200 Newsletters

June 22, 2024

Today marks the 200th letter in the archive of the Big Win newsletter!

(the letters went nameless for many years and were finally named “The Big Win” in 2023)

This is only the beginning, there’s much work to do In Sha Allah.

Today I’m writing to share with you some important lessons I’ve learned on creating content online as a Muslim coach.

I know a lot of Muslim coaches not only find the process difficult, but confusing and daunting. 

I hope to give you a clear direction of what type of content to create in your area of knowledge and personal experience. 


🔆 # 1 – Own Your Area Of Expertise. Become a Muslim Missionary.


If you’re in the idea-finding stage, watch this free training on getting clarity on your niche. Nailing your micro-niche is the first step before you create content or package a coaching program. 

If you’ve gone through the training + exercise but are still confused, bring your questions to the free monthly coaching session with me and I’ll help you get clarity. 

After you’ve gotten clarity on your niche, own it.  

Don’t try to do a lot of things in a mediocre way. 

Instead, strive for competence.

Excellence demands focus. 

Focus demands saying no to many things, and yes to a few. 

To get real competence in any skill or combination of skills as a Muslim coach, focus on becoming one of the go-to coaches in your domain. 

Otherwise, the majority drowns in the sea of mediocrity. As Muslims, one of our core values is excellence [Ihsan]. There’s no room for mediocrity. 

Once you’ve nailed your micro-niche, aim to become excellent in solving that problem for your clients. 

Your micro-niche is the sweet spot between finding a big coaching Problem to solve in the Ummah that aligns with your Purpose and includes topics you have Passion for & the Potential to reach excellence.

Remember, the ideal client to help is YOU from the past when you had the big problem that you’re now helping others with.

The same problem that you’re now aiming to solve with your mission. Every big problem worth solving has levels. If you’re at the next level of solving the big problem, you can focus on helping people 2-3 levels behind you. 

The chance that you can help others like yourself is maximum.

Since you’ve already helped yourself with that problem, when you try to help others like yourself, you’ll understand them on a level another entrepreneur who hasn’t gone through the problem simply can’t!

For example; I own my domain of making sense of the online education (course, content, coaching) business through the lens of Islam. I entirely focus on studying, experimenting, and learning about the following:

  • developing yourself holistically as a faith-empowered coach,
  • designing curriculum for coaching programs,
  • authentic copywriting for marketing & selling without unethical practices,
  • time management and designing a balanced lifestyle to excel in your mission,
  • etc…


In short – I’m obsessed with building a Mission-driven online education business in the most Islamically aligned way that deeply impacts Muslims.

Everything I study, create content around, and teach is within my domain of experience, passion, and competence.

I don’t step out of my domain. I don’t wish to be a ‘life coach’, a ‘big business guru’, or a ‘social media influencer’.

I’m the coach for Muslim missionaries.

To put my values into practice, I don’t work with people who are money-driven, not too concerned with Islamic practices, value fame over excellence, and are ok-ay with unethical marketing tactics.

I train Muslim missionaries to start working on their mission and become fully competent Faith-empowered entrepreneurs.

Become a missionary and own your domain of competence.


🔆 # 2 – Decide a Ratio Between Niche Content and Broader Content


Niche content is what you want to become an expert at.

It’s nice to have the focus to own one area of expertise. It removes the pressure to be a ‘life guru’, and makes it easier to become competent and excellent in one focused area.

It also gives you the flexibility to talk about other areas of interest, which we will call “broader content”, without striving to be an expert in everything you talk about!

Broader content is all the other content pillars you wish to talk about because they interest you, and your audience, and may also align with your niche content.

But you’re not striving to be an expert at those topics. You are simply sharing your learnings to help others and connect the dots between broader content and your niche content.

Broader content is also a great opportunity to do dawah Fi-Sabilillah as a self-studying Muslim since you’re not at all monetizing the broader content.To show you the distinction within my content, here are some examples of my niche content:

This approach gives you the space to speak about Islamic content in your unique way, without the pressure of becoming an expert or a scholar of Deen, or ‘selling Islamic knowledge’. It does 2 things:

  1. It allows you to ethically monetize your niche expertise content. You can do this with sharing your niche information for free and monetizing with a paid implementation program where you help people implement the knowledge using your experience.
  2. It also allows you to use your online platform/s to spread the message of Islam via Islamic content created purely for dawah.


After 200 letters, I’ve learned this combination approach is truly the best way to go as deep as you can in your niche expertise, as well as wide as you can with Dawah content. 

I’ve learned that this is an art. Sadly, there are not a lot of great archives or training on how to maintain this balance of content, coaching, and dawah as a Muslim coach.

This is one reason why so many God-conscious coaches are hesitant to go all in and stay stuck. That’s why I write these letters and coach on this subject. That’s the work we’re committed to doing at Muslim Empowerment, may Allah SWT make it easy for us.

Most people mess up by monetizing everything they teach and always selling knowledge, or selling Quranic knowledge, or just creating a ton of free content as a struggling coach that doesn’t create a deep transformation in anybody. I know this because I’ve made these mistakes countless times in the first 3 years. It feels horrible and misaligned to do that.  

I’m going deep into this concept in a live training on Wednesday, June 26th. I’ll share one of my best frameworks of how we do this at Muslim Empowerment. Yes, the training will be free and it’s exactly what I teach my clients. If you wish to learn with me, register here.


🔆 # 3 – As a Mission-Driven Coach, Your Content Alone is Not Enough! 


Let’s revise a few things.

My mission is to train Muslims to start working on their Islamic Mission, earn a living online with a coaching business to get freedom from 9-5, and fully serve the Ummah with their knowledge, influence, and excellence. 

My goal is to help God-conscious Muslims break free from capitalism and the career rat race to conquer their Islamic Mission.

As an impact-driven coach, it’s fundamental I do everything I can in my work hours to create a deep impact with my limited abilities. 

The best way I can support someone over a long period is through my paid done-with-you coaching services. I get a lot more time with one person and my clients get personalized guidance at each step which helps them get a ton of work done and real results. That’s also how I earn my living online.

Outside of my paid coaching, I’ve created quality free training videos that you can watch on your own time. I’ve written a lot of in-depth blogs and newsletters for you to read. I’ve created detailed actionable free PDFs and worksheets for you to implement.  

As I’ve built an archive of content for my readers and will continue to add to it In Sha Allah, I have been having an inkling that something is missing! 

There’s one important piece of the puzzle that’s been missing from my mission of impacting Muslims on a deeper level. 

Speaking with you and coaching you LIVE!

I have been contemplating how to create space for coaching my readers who are interested in implementing our mission-focused online brand and coaching business model.

Over the years, I’ve had emails, questions, and DMs from many of you who want to start serving the Ummah with your knowledge and also monetize as a coach but are concerned about doing it authentically and in alignment with Deen.

I know many of you have a full-time job, some of you are working 2 jobs and have kids and you simply don’t have the time to waste figuring things out on your own. You’d rather be doing the work you’re meant to do!  

I get it. As a doctor, I fully understand how incredibly scary it is to focus on an online coaching business with a job and a career that you’ve spent YEARS developing.

And it’s very hard to serve the Ummah with your knowledge and do that with excellence if you’re busy with a full-time job. Your job takes energy, and to achieve excellence in your mission and coaching business will demand that you focus on one big thing. 

It’s ideal if you can earn your living with a coaching business so you can quit the job and do the work of Allah with the rest of your time.

And I believe you must get the support to do this so you can succeed without the hustle and burnout. I want to support you.

This is why I have an announcement I’m really excited about…


🌟 Exciting Announcement!


I’ll be supporting you beyond content via FREE monthly LIVE coaching sessions to help you start your online education business the right way WITHOUT quitting your job! 

I’m calling our Monthly Community Coaching events MUSLIM MISSIONARIES.

Each month I’ll help you solve a business problem as an online Muslim coach using the teachings of Islam.

Here’s an overview of how these sessions will be conducted In Sha Allah:

  • We’ll start the live session with a free training presentation.
  • During the group session, I’ll create space for coaching you 1-1 and answering Q&As. I don’t hold anything back!


This month’s free training is happening in a few days… on June 26th. Mark the date in your calendar.

First Monthly Event: 5 Things You Need to Start & Establish an Impactful Mission-Driven Online Coaching Business

If you’re interested in being a part of Muslim Missionaries, my exclusive FREE monthly community coaching, click here to learn more and join us. Once you’ve signed up with your email, you’ll be invited to our upcoming LIVE on Wednesday, June 26th.

That’s all for today! I hope you’re as excited about the Muslim Missionaries monthly events as I am!

I’ll speak with you soon!

ALL my best,

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