5 perspectives that will help you win more business

5 perspectives that will help you win more business

June 8, 2024

Today, I have 5 perspective shifts from our Deen that you can make today to start winning more business online.

Let’s dive right in!


🔆 Tip #1: Remove the Pressure of Failure – You’re a Muslim, You’ve Already Won!


As an entrepreneur, honestly I’m sick of the constant “fear-driven” tactics:

If you don’t do this – you lose.
If you don’t beat your competition – you won’t survive. 
Where will your next customers come from?
If you don’t get on tiktok, you’re losing out!


Fear-driven psychology can push someone over the edge to take a leap, but it’s not the best motivator in the long term. It’s the path to a black hole of restlessness, anxiety, and “scarcity” mindset… None of the things I want for us.

And our Deen does not want us to suffer: O Allah! I seek refuge with You from worry and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from cowardice and miserliness, from being heavily in debt and from being overpowered by (other) men.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Here’s how Allah SWT motivates us: 

“Certainly will the believers have succeeded:” (Surah Al Mu’minun, 23: Ayah 1)

If you’re a Muslim, and you’re keeping mindful of Deen while doing business – you’ve ALREADY succeeded!

Everything you achieve i.e. your Rizq, clients, followers, impact, etc. will be an add-on from here onward. 

For a Momin, success is the intention, the way of doing good work, and the weight of good work (in my understanding, the weight can be determined by how great of work you’re doing according to your potential and abilities) – not the outcomes of the work! 

This perspective from Deen allows you to do your best work without the fear of failure.

Relentless optimism will help you go much further than fear or scarcity mindset ever will – and it will make the ride that much more FUN!

Plus, risk and loss are part of the entrepreneurial game. But so is GAIN!

Say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector”: and on Allah let the Believers put their trust.” (Surah At-Tawba, Ayah 51)


🔆 Tip #2: Think of Marketing as “getting to know people”


The term “Marketing” has such a negative connotation associated with it because of the junk the online space is flooded with.

But, marketing has been the oldest practice since the beginning of time.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve come to understand marketing as simply;

  1. Getting to know people, 
  2. Doing valuable work for people who need it 
  3. And then getting more of those people to know about your work.


Allah SWT created us in communities so that we may get to know one another. So that we can help each other through providing a service, doing business, sharing our knowledge, etc. 

“O humanity! Indeed, We created you from a male and a female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you may ˹get to˺ know one another. Surely the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous among you. Allah is truly All-Knowing, All-Aware.” (Quran: Surah Hujarat)

A simple shift in understanding marketing from the Islamic perspective can make marketing easier and more comfortable for us. 

Your mission-driven online brand is the best way to build an online community for selling your educational programs & services and doing Dawah.

The game is all in the intention of being mission-driven…, of solving problems in the Ummah by taking the solutions from Islam.

The mission is to spread the message of Islam with your best knowledge and do the work of Allah to your best abilities. Rizq is just sustenance that Allah SWT provides for you to sustain you on the path of your mission. That’s what we call building a mission-driven online business.

To go deeper into this, I’m creating a private training for the Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur waitlist on how to start your mission-driven online brand. If you’re interested in learning more about my method and having access to the free training, sign up here.

Think of your online brand and business in the vast online space as your physical shop in a Muslim marketplace. Imagine you own a shop and have people visiting it each day. There is an opportunity for you to do all of these:

  • You can share your big message with each visitor and impact them towards a positive change. Even the people who don’t ever buy anything from you (this can be your free content)
  • You can do ethical business and earn halal rizq (this can be selling your courses and coaching services)
  • Your shop becomes a cozy community and cluster of like-minded individuals who are excited by your work, love your products and want to learn from you (this can be your email subscribers or social media community)
  • You also share the teachings from the Quran & Sunnah on how to solve the problem – now you’re also doing dawah (i.e. inviting people to the way of Islam!) Your dawah is for anybody who wants to learn about implementing Islam to solve that specific problem. You share teachings from the Quran & Sunnah within your domain of knowledge. Your free content and training are not exclusive to your customers. Your mission dictates that you must keep on sharing your best information on how to solve that particular niche-specific problem as a Muslim regardless of how many followers you have, the number of clients who work with you, the income you generate, how big your business grows, etc. Because sharing your message and helping people solve that problem through Islam is your mission. And the best way to execute that mission is via a Mission-driven online brand.


That’s the power of a mission-driven online brand. It’s an entirely different game than building an income-driven business.


🔆 Tip #3: Increase Your Work Ethic Slowly & Consistently

Online entrepreneurship will demand a lot from you. It will help you grow as a human being and a Muslim, year after year. Every entrepreneur can say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

Your best will have to become better each time you want to unlock a new level of growth. Which means, your work ethic will have to improve. 

What is work ethic, really? To me, it means raising the level of my best work to match with what is required to succeed within the boundaries of our Deen. That means a few things:

  1. Showing up to do the work that’s uncomfortable (outside the comfort zone).
  2. Finding joy and fun in boring or difficult work that’s needed.
  3. Doing the boring and difficult work consistently if needed.
  4. Getting more work done in less time by sharpening your focus.
  5. Getting more difficult and uncomfortable work done in less time by sharpening your resilience.
  6. Having the emotional, mental, and physical strength to work longer hours than most whenever needed.
  7. Doing the required work without letting your emotions get in the way (occasionally it’s fine, we’re humans after all.)
  8. Having the Sabr to do the work when other people around you may be having fun, wasting time chilling, or sleeping. Lol.


Narrated Ibn Masud:
I heard the Prophet saying, “There is no envy except in two: a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (i.e. religious knowledge) and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others.” 

The only way increasing your work ethic will be worth the effort, is when you truly believe in what you need to do…If the work is your mission… And your mission is beyond yourself and can change the lives of others for a better Akhirah. 

To increase my “work/Ibadah ethic” for growing Muslim Empowerment and balance it with recreation, fun, and relaxation, I refer to this hadith:

‘Ā’ishah told the Prophet (SAW) that this woman’s name was Al-Hawlā bint Tuwayt and that she used to pray all night without sleeping at all. 

The Prophet (SAW) condemned this act and said: “Do what you are capable of doing.” 

Thus, the Prophet (SAW) ordered that woman to stop the tedious act that she was doing as she could find it difficult and become incapable of continuing it in the future. Then the Prophet (SAW) ordered that people should do only acts which they are capable of for “Allah will never grow weary until you grow weary.” 

This means that Allah, Glorified and Exalted, rewards people according to their acts of worship. When a slave continues to do a good deed, then Allah continues to reward him for that. However, if the slave grows weary of and bored with this act of worship, and consequently abandons it, then Allah will stop the reward of that particular act. (Sahih Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 2, Hadith 41)

QUESTION FOR YOU? Is helping Muslims with your knowledge & experience a long-term mission for you? If yes, congratulations – increasing your work ethic is inevitable for you! Subhan Allah

What are you waiting for? Don’t do this alone! Surround yourself with mission-driven Empowered Muslim Entrepreneurs like yourself! Join the Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur waitlist to get more information on how we can help you.

I know many here are interested in knowing my process behind helping you find your mission/purpose and the model we use for turning your knowledge into a mission-driven online brand + legacy. If that’s you, join the EME waitlist and you’ll soon get access to a private training I’m working on that reveals my model and process for doing this.


🔆 Tip #4: Use Your Downtime to Remember Allah SWT


Allah SWT suggests that we recalibrate our intentions and actions by remembering Him SWT in our downtime.

“Who remember Allāh while standing or sitting or [lying] on their sides and give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, [saying], “Our Lord, You did not create this aimlessly; exalted are You [above such a thing]; then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.” (Surah Al-Imran, Ayah 191)

As you start working on your online business with your full-time job, free time will become a rare asset you can’t afford to discard casually on Netflix. 

But not every pocket of free time has to be filled with “work” to count your day as productive. There’s something called “toxic productivity” where you’ve attached your self-esteem and work ethic to “working all the time”. Ugh. 

That’s counterproductive for a Momin as our success relies heavily on infusing barakah in our work. 

One way to do that is by remembering Allah SWT when we’re tired from working long hours and de-stressing by simply thinking about it. It doesn’t get easier than that! 

Here are a few ways of thinking about Allah SWT:

  1. Count all the good things that happened to you today and thank Allah SWT for them.
  2. Count all the great relationships you have in your life and thank Allah SWT for them.
  3. Think of your knowledge and experience as an asset that Allah SWT has blessed you with.
  4. Remember that you have all the opportunities and resources to start working on turning your knowledge into a mission-driven brand using the internet. Thank Allah SWT for giving you all the resources you need.
  5. Think of why you’re here, what is the purpose and potential Allah SWT has installed in you?
  6. Think about what type of work you can do with your potential and knowledge and how you can use it to serve Allah’s creation.


🔆 Tip #5: Write your Non-negotiables as a Mission-driven Entrepreneur


The other thing that is just as important as dreaming and planning your big mission-driven business goals is to look at your non-negotiables: What are you NOT willing to do or experience to achieve these goals? 

Going forward, when you need to make a decision on how you do things in your online business or what you’ll do, what are your non-negotiables that you won’t give up no matter how crazy things get?

Our Deen practices are non-negotiables to us, they ground us and help us succeed with more barakah in our business!

For example: I believe that to make time for your online business does not mean you have to cut out things like going to the masjid for Salah, visiting your parents and family, cut short the time you spend on the courses you’re enrolled in, or time with your spouse. Absolutely NOT.

Here are some of my non-negotiables:

  1. Not creating interest-based payment plans to make more money
  2. Not exaggerating the marketing copy of our programs and services
  3. Not pushing people to buy on sales calls or taking their card information on the calls
  4. Giving people all the information they need to make an informed decision
  5. Pausing everything when someone in my family needs me and communicating that with my clients and community
  6. Planning my work around my Salah and time with my husband
  7. Calling and visiting my parents regularly
  8. Not making dance reels on tiktok to build an online community
  9. Structuring my business in a way that I don’t have to do calls all day every day
  10. A few more…


Do I succeed 100% of the time in implementing all of the above? I intend to implement some of the most important non-negotiables 100% of the time (e.g. structuring the day around salah, ethical sales, responding to family emergencies, etc.) But for the rest, I’m happy if I can stick to them even 80-90% of the time.

The important thing is to refer to your non-negotiable list so it becomes a way of operating your business in the long haul.

QUESTION FOR YOU? What are your non-negotiables?


🌟 Over to you!


I hope at least one perspective from today’s newsletter has motivated you to start finding your online mission idea and launching your brand!

As a reminder, I’m creating a brand new private training that I’m releasing soon to the interest list. In the free training, I reveal my process behind finding your mission/purpose and share the simple model we use for turning your knowledge into a mission-driven online brand. Join the Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur waitlist to get access to the training.

If you don’t care about this business and mission stuff, thank you for being here either way!

ALL my best,


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