Salam – I’m Aimen. I help Muslim Professionals Transition From 9-5 to Online Entrepreneurship, Without The Hustle.

Assalamualaikum, friends! 👋 I’m Aimen Saifullah. A former Doctor, Blogger, and entrepreneur. I’ve been blogging and writing newsletters for the last 5 years for my community of over 50,000 Muslim professionals.

(my Doctor to entrepreneur story👇)

While I enjoyed the practice of medicine, I felt something ginormous was missing from my life. 

Unused creative potential, lack of freedom to live my best life, no space for my vision of impact. Those kinds of things. 

So while working as a Junior Doctor and preparing for my UK PLAB examinations in 2018, I started a blog. It was called Muslim Youth Programme (now called Muslim Empowerment).

After 1.5 years of trying to do it all – working as a Junior Doctor, studying for post-grad exams, and trying to build an online business…

I burned out.

In 2020, I left Medicine and took my online work seriously as my blog grew to 50-80,000 website views a month, my Pinterest community grew to 30,000+ followers, and email list to 10,000 subscribers. I also started coaching Muslim professionals on time-management for a deeper impact. 

My first blogs and newsletters were about Productivity and Self-empowerment in the light of Islam. 

Now I create content about online entrepreneurship, productivity, tech systems, and the Muslim mindset, baked with strategies and wisdom I continue to learn from our Deen. 



🧠 Empower Your Mindset with Faith >

Unlock a positive, resilient, growth mindset with lessons from our Faith. This will be crucial to your success on the online creator entrepreneur path.


🗓️ Plan Business & Personal Goals >

Nothing good is built without a plan, including a valuable business. And if you don’t want your business dream to take over your life, it’s crucial to plant the seeds of growth in all areas of life in a balanced way. Plan your business with the right motivators, set big goals in a balanced way, and create your action plan to execute your online business work consistently.


Increase Your Productivity >

Learn the discipline, focus, systems and structures that have helped me ignore hustle-culture and save myself from frequent burnouts, and smoothly transition each year to the next level of work ethic as a family-oriented Muslim entrepreneur.


🎙️ Create Thought-leadership Content >

Articulate the ideas and thoughts in your brain clearly and authentically with others to reach a wider audience and connect with them deeply. Create content that is valuable to others, builds lasting relationships and is genuine to YOU.  


💰 Monetize Your Expertise Online >

Monetize your knowledge and experience by picking the right business model for your stage of business, validating your idea with clients, and then marketing, selling, and improving your program/service consistently to be a Full Time Entrepreneur.

Start earning income by sharing what you already know right now, rather than trying hard to position yourself as a future expert and feeling like an imposter. Commit to mastering your skill set and increasing your experience to unlock Mentor status over years. Overcome money beliefs and take your coaching profession seriously so you are in a stronger position to give back more. 


🤲 Succeed with Spiritual Practices >

As Muslim entrepreneurs, we have an unfair advantage for succeeding in anything, including Business, – our Faith. Deep-clean your Emaan and energize yourself with evergreen spiritual practices from the Sunnah. 

I’ll help you make the leap.

To Get Freedom from 9-5.

To Impact Others with Your Potential.

To Design Your Dream Balanced Life.

A Faith-empowered Entrepreneur doesn’t ask, “How can I earn more money?

They ask, “How can I work on my mission (purpose) with focus? How can I grow the impact of my work with the potential Allah SWT has given me?”

Allah SWT has taken full responsibility for providing Rizq as Ar-Razzaq. He SWT will provide what is meant for you in exact proportion, regardless of the path you choose.

So for a Mission-driven Entrepreneur, money simply can not be the motivation for starting, the reason to stay, or the end-goal.

Money is the means to sustain yourself on your Mission, to free yourself from 9-5, and to fuel the growth of your Mission.

An Online Mission-focused Business not only offers the time, income, and location freedom to design your dream lifestyle close to Sunnah, it also enables you to influence the world towards Islam by sharing your knowledge.

If you’re eager to start your journey and learn the mindset, strategies and systems to turn your knowledge into an Online Mission-focused Business, I’m here to help you with that. 

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