How to not Lose Focus and Consistency in Your Deen and Dunya Goals: 

5 Little Known Goal-Killing Mistakes *Most* Dreamers Make (+ What to do instead!)

2 Easy Ways to Create More Fulfillment in Your Life

Let’s run a little social experiment, shall we? If you scan the closest people in your life and take a soulful moment to ask yourself the question: “What does each person want the most in their life right now?” Let’s rephrase it: “What is the one thing that will make...

Why I rebranded the website to Muslim Empowerment

Hey you, Assalamualaikum! If you’ve been hanging around here for any part of the past 4 years, you must be aware that this brand was previously called ‘Muslim Youth Programme’. First, let me just say this – you are simply amazing for sticking around!...

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