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Barakah in Islam: Three Simple Changes You can Make in Your Day to See Barakah in Action

In the previous article of the time-management in Islam series, we discovered what TIME should do to help us get more things done- it should grow of course.

But the only way time can grow is if we attach Barakah to it.

So today, I want to talk to you about what WE can do to pair Barakah with time.

And I’m not talking about learning another ‘1001 sources of Barakah’. I don’t get up feeling like “Ooh, I’m managing my time so much better now” after skimming the sources of Barakah. I need REAL results in my life to label it as a TRANSFORMATION. Don’t you agree?

I’ve noticed that because barakah is not a tangible thing, it’s commonly taught in a very vague way… more informative than transformative.

For e.g. one of the sources of Barakah is to avail the early hours of the morning. You will commonly hear in lectures ‘wake up early’.

But I’d have so many questions. Like what steps should I take to wake up early? And how do I fix my messed up sleep schedule? What to do in case I work night-duties…

Have a look at these three sources of barakah>>

Example # 1: Making time for Allah S.W.T (praying Salah and doing Zikr)

Example # 2: Developing a strong relationship with the Quran

Example # 3: Maintaining strong ties with your family

Now we all know these are the 3 things we “should” be doing: 

  1. Pray on time 5 times a day 
  2. Read and apply Quran everyday
  3. Make time for family everyday 

Why don’t you do these consistently (if at all)?

OK, let’s say you get “motivated” and you start, but tell me this… FOR HOW LONG do you follow through before you end up:

  • Depressed because you know you “should” read the Quran but deep down you’re afraid to admit that you don’t really want to?
  • Frustrated because you just can’t wake up early to pray Fajr on time!?
  • Overwhelmed with guilt because of not being able to give more time to your family?

Simply telling a fellow brother or sister to “Pray on time” or “Read Quran” is NOT GOING TO MAKE THEM DO IT.

Which is why I’ve learned to read between the lines, pick up our weaknesses, dive deep into the WHYs and observe what people easily overlook. The result? I discovered that if you can manage three things… Barakah will FOLLOW YOU. 

Time management has either been converted into a mystery or over-complicated by others. It doesn’t have to be that way, my friend! 🙂 

The truth is- by just working on these 3 simple systems, I get all the important tasks done AND save 2+ hours a day for ‘me-time’. (no exaggeration)

What would you do with 2 extra hours a day? Take Arabic/ Quran classes? Work on a part-time business? Take swimming lessons? Read bed-time stories of Prophets to your children? 

If you think you could use some extra time, keep reading.

Finding Barakah in Time:

3 things you can’t afford to ignore if you want to see Barakah in action

barakah in islam
Consider these three things:

1. If you’re feeling lazy, demotivated or depressed (ENERGY) – you will waste time trying to follow through on your goals. You won’t be able to focus.

2. If you’re feeling energetic but you lack self-discipline (NAFS) – you’ll waste time AND energy procrastinating, daydreaming or indulging in distractions (social media, binge-watching shows, gossiping with friends etc.). You won’t work on your goals consistently.

3. If you are disciplined and energetic but you don’t know how to set goals efficiently or prioritize your tasks (TASKS) – you’ll spend less time on important tasks and more time on trivial things, wasting time in the process.

Self-discipline. Energy. Tasks.

These three systems practically control where your time goes. If you work on them– you’ll AUTOMATICALLY be making the best possible use of your time. 

Stop running your wheels in the WRONG directions. Stop trying anything and everything to do something.  😀

Manage these three core systems that are more or less WITHIN YOUR CONTROL (unlike time) and you will: 

  • Stop wasting time so casually
  • Save more time for things you WANT to do
  • Grow your time with Barakah

In short- you’ll be among the winners.

When you put these 3 together, you get a very non-scientific formula that looks like this: 😀

Energy management + Self-Discipline + Task-Management = Balance Deen and Dunya

Yes, that’s what BALANCE looks like. 

You can get balance in your day too—and quickly. You don’t have to wait for that PERFECT TIME when your entire life will be 100% balanced (sounds like never

You can start now by creating balance in ONE day. Just one. 

Have a look at this TIME GROWTH MAP

Click on the image to watch the free video on time-growth map.

This short video is to show you how the time-saving and time-growth systems actually work.

It’s not magic.

It’s beyond MATH.


But let’s start with basic math.

In this video, you’ll see for yourself how YOU too can save and grow your time. And once you have the systems in action, you can CHOOSE where you want to spend the extra time you save everyday.


  1. Nasra

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