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All Articles Related to Entrepreneurship

My 2023 Reflections

Assalamualaikum!Today I want to share some of my reflections as I look back at last year, and take you truthfully behind the scenes of Muslim Empowerment in 2023. 2023 was a year of great new experiences and challenges I’ve never experienced in my life before. Let me...

Join the Digital Muslim Creator Economy

Assalamualaikum!Regardless of whether you’re just thinking of joining the digital Muslim content and course creators and coaches economy…or you’ve already committed and have been creating content…. Creating content online by sharing what you know is becoming more...

7 traits of a successful Muslim entrepreneur

Assalamualaikum!I can’t name one successful entrepreneur I know who doesn’t find business challenging. So if you’re just starting your online business journey, don’t be shocked or surprised if you’re finding it hard to stay consistent on this path. As a Muslim...

6 Professional ‘Zones of Activities’

Assalamualaikum!For an impact-driven professional like you, today is the best time to start your digital career and legacy. In other words, your online knowledge [coaching, course, creator] business. Your digital career and legacy can be illustrated briefly in this...

My 2024 gift to you

Assalamualaikum!To have the confidence to start a side-hustle so you can quit your 9-5, having a business idea you LOVE is crucial. Since we’ve been talking about monetizing your knowledge online… …today I thought I could share the perfect 2024 starter gift with you...

Part 2: courage to quit 9-5 (the math behind)

Assalamualaikum!If you're thinking... "How long before I can quit my 9-5 to work on my business full-time? And what about the money anxiety?... ...How much do I need to save before quitting 9-5 to work on my business full-time? How do I define financial success for...

Courage to quit 9-5

Assalamualaikum!How do you know if you’re ready to quit your 9-5 and go all in on your online business? Today I want to share with you things I wish a Muslim entrepreneur had shared with me back in 2018 when I was starting my side hustle as a doctor. BTW I started...

How I decide what to sell (high value offer checklist)

Assalamualaikum!One of the questions that I’ve received multiple times in the Newsletter Question Submission Form is what to sell to others and how to create so much value for your client that you are confident in your offer. Here are a few questions you guys...

3 pro tips for Muslim Professionals with a side-hustle

Assalamualaikum!Have you noticed that having a side-hustle is considered the new normal? The number of side-hustle opportunities are endless - but the time, energy and attention each of us has is limited. So we must be very picky with what we choose to do. Muslim...

How I would create your course outline

Assalamualaikum!In the last newsletter I shared why I love creating online programs. Today, I’m here to share my process for creating a course curriculum so you can package your knowledge in a successful online program. F’reals. For context - I have created 2 online...

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