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The 12 Important Sunnahs of Jummah (with a Free Friday Special Checklist)

We all know how special Jumuah (Friday) is in our Deen but we need reminders from time to time to recall the magnanimity of this golden day. Friday is no average day for Muslims- no sir. It has the honor of being called ‚Äėbest day of the week‚Äô by the best person to...

How to Plan Your Post-Ramadan Goals and Stay Consistent in them

Everyone has an idea of what they want to achieve after Ramadan. Post Ramadan goals, as they say.  But once Ramadan leaves us, a new set of struggles are waiting around the corner ready to visit us. What are your post Ramadan goals? What is your biggest post Ramadan...

How to Use Your Energy Wisely during the Last 10 Days of Ramadan

I don't know how you've been using your energy in Ramadan until now, but the last 10 days is a whole new game. We're about to enter the next level. Aisha (R.A) reported: With the start of the last ten days of Ramadan, the Prophet (S.A.W) used to tighten his waist...

5 Ways to Stay Consistent Even When Your Emaan Gets Weak

Today's episode comes from a place where most of us have been (or still are)- probably more than once in our lives.  I've always wondered why our generation of young Muslims has a harder time maintaining consistency than the previous ones. And the answer is...

10 Things to Do on The Day of Arafah (for Non-Hajjis)

So here's a thought.. If I can't go to Makkah for Hajj (for any reason) even though I really want to, what can I do to make sure I get all the rewards of Hajj from any part of the world? Or do you ever ask yourselves... Will the Muslims who can never make a trip to...

Your biggest chance as a Muslim.. Don’t miss it!

Assalamualaikum!The first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah are about to start, Alhamdulilah.    As a kid, I never realized the importance of these 10 days. For some reason, the last 10 days of Ramadan were spent diligently in Ibadah by Muslims. But the first 10 days of...

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