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Design Your Purpose, Vision, Annual Goals, and Balanced 90-Day Action Plan For All Areas of Life

This is a special planning session Aimen hosted to help Muslim professionals plan their annual and 90-day goals in a balanced way. It’s a need in this new online era to learn how to balance your Deen and Dunya goals.

If you wish to share their knowledge and ideas with others via an online business, and you are also working a full time job with Deen and family responsibilities, then this workshop can help you start your business by setting creating a balanced action plan!

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The Only Four Pillars Behind an Online Course Coaching Business

Everything you’ve learned about online business falls under only 4 areas of focus – these are the ONLY pillars you need to spend time building to turn your knowledge into a profitable online business.

This video explains all the stages you’ll go through from a wantrepreneur to becoming an empowered entrepreneur on a high 5/6-figure path. You’ll discover why it’s not just about reaching “6-figures”, but how you get there that matters more for conscious Muslims and how to focus on the right pillars at the right stage of your business (this is KEY if you want to enjoy the work and do things in a balanced way).

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4 Steps to Finding Your Halal Online Business Idea

 In this in-depth training, you’ll discover what is a niche and how to brainstorm your online business idea in 4 simple steps. The goal of the training is to help you discover that you’re sitting on untapped unused potential and how to start using it to do the work you’re meant to do!

I’ll show you what’s the sweet spot for an impactful, profitable, and enjoyable halal online business, Why profitability of the niche matters (hint: the money you’ll earn ethically with your work online is not the end-goal, it’s only the means to a greater end) and how to know if your online business idea is profitable or not.

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