How I decide what to sell (high value offer checklist)

How I decide what to sell (high value offer checklist)

December 9, 2023

One of the questions that I’ve received multiple times in the Newsletter Question Submission Form is what to sell to others and how to create so much value for your client that you are confident in your offer.

Here are a few questions you guys submitted in the questionnaire:

“How to put what I know into a format which people will firstly want and then also benefit from and of course, from which I can earn a living, In Sha Allah.”

“What can I sell that’s attractive to Muslims (possibly non-Muslims) and truly impacts their lives?”

“How can I profit professionally and give the best I can to help others in a halal way?” 

“How to do something that’s meaningful and actually lacking or needed for the Ummah.” 

So today I want to share with you a HIGH VALUE OFFER checklist that I use with my clients and for all my own offers. I hope that it helps you too.


❓What is an ‘OFFER’


An offer means everything you’re giving to your client and what $$ and time your client is giving to you.

An offer is made of 2 things:

  1. What your prospects want and
  2. What they have to do to get it. 

The offer you create must be irresistible and a no-brainer for your best clients to say YES to.

Your offer is the #1 thing that will decide the growth of your business. Poor marketing or copy can be overcome with a strong offer. But even the best copy or high volumes of traffic can’t save a weak or ordinary offer.It has to be more than, “Oh that’s nice”

It has to be irresistible.

But what makes an offer irresistible? You’ll discover that in the checklist today!

If you have some idea of who you can help (clue: the ideal person to help is someone like you!), and you’re brainstorming what you could offer to sell to them, this checklist will help you doubt-proof your ideas.

This checklist is designed To help you Package your Existing knowledge & Experience to Sell a High Value $2K+ Coaching Offer Confidently.

Let me walk you through everything your offer must be, and everything it shouldn’t be. This is especially useful if you’re creating a premium coaching offer for the first time or testing a new offer.

I have included a PDF version of this checklist, it can be a handy tool for you to run your offer through the checklist and find the loopholes to fix so you can start selling it with confidence.

You can download the PDF of this checklist by entering your email in the form below:


🏆Must-Haves in a Winning Offer:🏆


Your High value offer has to be:

  • ✨Irresistible – (you understand your ideal client perfectly and have created a method/ system they desperately want. You have created a 1-liner hook that has clearly communicated who the offer is for, what is the promise and the time container of support)
  • 📈Transformational experience – (takes them from point A to point Z and changes who they become).


You’re not selling coaching, you’re selling A-to-Z KNOWLEDGE (nuanced stuff that you’ve learned based on real-life experience that they can’t find elsewhere) + SUPPORT for IMPLEMENTING that knowledge to help your clients speed up getting results and do it without making mistakes and without pain or frustration. The results they’re trying to achieve must be articulated tangibly (measurable in quantitative/ qualitative terms)

  • 💰Valuable – (solves a 5-figure or 6-figure problem) – You must first create so much value in your offer [using the principles I shared in the “transformational experience”☝️] and then train yourself to articulate the value you provide. Your offer can be immensely valuable but if you can’t articulate its value clearly, you’ll struggle to sell


The value must be 10x the cost. If you charge $1K, the value must be at least $10K, if you charge $10K, the value must be at least $100K.

This formula works for both; non-monetary-outcomes based offers (such as mindset coaching, resilience coaching, productivity coaching, etc.) as well as monetary-outcomes-based offers (such as career coaching, business coaching, etc.).

  • 💥Speedy solution – The speed of the solution must be faster than if they were to achieve the same result on their own. The faster they can reach their outcomes with your support, the more valuable your offer is.
  • 🌿High probability/likelihood of achieving results with your support – The greater the certainty of achieving the result with your support, the stronger will be your offer. (this is where money-back guarantees, refund policies, the years of your experience, & client results add to increase the value of your offer)
  • 🔮Unique – it’s different than what they’ve seen before in the market and uniquely positioned to appeal most to your ideal clients.


You’re selling something to your ideal client they desperately want and need, and nobody else is offering value in that way to that ideal client.

So you’re selling in a market gap, making it easier for your clients to say ‘yes’ to as they have nothing to compare your offer to. It’s not a commodity that they can compare with other available options and make their buying decision based on the cheapest price.

But most importantly, you must be 100% confident in the offer. If you’re not fully confident yet, then start testing your offers with first clients by giving them heavy money-back guarantees or working for free until you’re confident. Charge more as you get better at what you do and become more confident in your skills.

BOTTOMLINE: You must believe in your offer to be the best thing for your avatar 200% and that they will be at a loss without your support.

* NOTE: Don’t worry about scalability yet. If you’re just starting and creating an offer for the first time, don’t worry about the problem of scalability yet since it’s not a problem for early-stage entrepreneurs. You should start with a non-scalable offer because it will be easier to sell it, and later when you’re more experienced in sales, you can turn your existing offer into a scalable offer.


❌ Mistakes to Avoid ❌


❌ Overcompensating a poor offer with a ton of support.
If your offer isn’t strong in its promise and you’re not confident in it based on your existing knowledge and experience, no amount of additional support (more calls, more workshops, more PDFs, more “fluff stuff”) will make it easier to sell it.

Instead of offering more and more support and making the delivery even harder for yourself, first make sure your offer has a clear exciting promise. Then you can add more support as you work with more clients to increase the value of your offer over time.

High “priced” (more than $2K) usually means more support anyway. But what matters more is adding BETTER support elements that are harder for you to deliver on and are actually valuable. (for example, including done-for-you services for your clients where you do the work FOR them or done-with you support where you do the work WITH them) These high level support elements will get results faster for your clients. Clients always love these types of support elements and want fewer high quality high value support, rather than a bunch of mediocre things like only “PDFs” and “workshops” to create the effect of more value.


❌ Not setting limited access to the program support.
Your coaching should have a time container after which access to you, all support and the program expires. Doing this will bake a lot of accountability into your program naturally without you having to hold the hands of each client in a disempowering enabling way and ‘enforce accountability’ in other ways like nagging, etc.


❌ Worrying about scalability
You are a new entrepreneur. You are just starting out. Scalability is not your problem right now. 1-1 and other high end support may not be very scalable but you can always scale a 1-1 offer later by increasing the price or delegating parts of the delivery work to employees or assistants or contractors.

The one thing you shouldn’t be creating if you’re just starting out is a scalable offer like a hands off do it yourself “course” right now because that would mean you would create a group program/ course with minimal 1-1 client support elements [this is one type of scalable offer where you turn 1-1 into group/ course. Another way you can scale is by increasing your 1-1 offer price to become a high ticket offer].

– a Scalable offer is difficult to sell for a new entrepreneur. It only works when you have a larger audience, more demand than supply and expertise to sell a scalable offer.

Remember – if it’s not scalable, it’s easier to sell. And in the beginning, you need an offer that’s easier to sell vs. easier to scale since you will not be very good at sales.

You can only scale something after you’ve sold a baseline offer many times and have a growing audience with more demand for your expertise than you can supply. That’s when you can worry about scaling that offer.


❌ Overpromising and under delivering [Fearing to overdeliver]
Marketers who have millions of fans, thousands of students in their programs and tens of team members may preach to sell “courses” with close-to-none student support, charge $2K for just courses, and remove everything from their programs that won’t scale and is difficult to deliver. But that’s a strategy that works for enterprises with large marketing teams to feed and massive overhead.

It’s the wrong approach for beginner entrepreneurs or solopreneurs (1-person business owners working with assistants and contractors for maximum profit, less stress, and a more enjoyable lifestyle).

Plus it’s mostly a sham to charge $2K just for a course. I don’t believe in that business model as I truly believe information should be available to everyone for free or at a super affordable price point, and what coaches should charge for its implementation.

As a new entrepreneur, you must not fear overdelivering to your clients. Overdelivering as “givers” is how you will skip the line of business owners who are “takers”. You’ll also fast track helping your clients to success and for yourself. People are always attracted to givers and repulsed by takers.

You must strive to be a giver at all points of your entrepreneurial journey, not a taker. And the best way to give more is by promising less and over-delivering.


❌ Underpricing yourself
As a new entrepreneur, it’s important to penetrate your market boldly by charging high prices and offering to deliver even higher value for price with the maximum personalized support you can offer.Since your audience will be small and your audience building will take time to fruition, you will likely not be able to get too many clients in your first year. This means you must make your offer so valuable that you can charge high prices and will only need a handful of clients to reach a $5K to $10K month income.


I run all offers of my clients as well as my own offers through this checklist to get the stamp of a HIGH-VALUE OFFER before we start selling it.

I hope you can use this to create the high-value offer that your ideal clients are truly waiting for.

If you have experience in solving any big problem for yourself, there’s certainly a community of people online looking for support in solving that problem from someone like them.

That could be YOU! You can package your existing knowledge and experience and sell it to the people you can help best (ideal clients) by creating a high-value offer.

You can download the PDF from the Google doc of this Checklist below:

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next newsletter.

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