How I would create your course outline

How I would create your course outline

November 25, 2023

In the last newsletter I shared why I love creating online programs. Today, I’m here to share my process for creating a course curriculum so you can package your knowledge in a successful online program. F’reals.

For context –

I have created 2 online programs over the last 3 years. For the last year, we’ve been working hard on making the second program, Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur, the go-to program for Muslim Professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online business in an Islamically aligned way.

Here are a few results my students have experienced from my first online program, Balance Deen and Dunya, Allahumma Barik:

Since the launch of my 1-1 private coaching program earlier this year, Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur, 90+ applicants (and counting!) have applied to join the program and nearly 200 people are on the waitlist at all times.

The response from just my own community has shown me that there’s clearly a need for this.

With that said, let’s get started on how I can help YOU design your own course curriculum.

I preface this newsletter by saying that the process for creating a transformative curriculum is, as you can imagine, quite extensive and would take me 150,000+ words to explain (I’ll get arrested by the Newsletter police if I do that 👀🙊) –

So I’ll try my best to share a condensed summary of my process in the hope that you can learn good things from it and apply to your business asap.

Here’s what the general course design framework looks like:

  1. What is the promise of the program (What is the starting point and ending point of the transformation)
  2. What are all the possible problems clients will encounter in the A-to-Z journey and what are the solutions for it
  3. What are the client milestones to reach in the middle of the journey
  4. How can we speed up the process by adding more support for the clients


Let’s dive into each step one by one:


🌈 Step 1: Decide the outcome of your program (aka, the “Promise”)


The program outcomes are everything your client will achieve, have, or be by the end of your program. In other words, think of the client testimonials you want your program to create.

Remember you want to be known in your industry for helping your clients get these outcomes.

As you write the outcomes of your program, you will note whether your program does any or all of the following:

  1. It makes them feel better. (For example, feel fulfilled, confident, secure.)
  2. It makes them have more. (For example, more money, time, or freedom.)
  3. It makes them do more. (for example, do more high quality work, hire more employees, serve more people)
  4. It makes them become better. (For example, they become better at public speaking or sales or relationships.)


Another way to get clarity on what the outcomes are is by recalling – What is the high level problem you solve for your clients?

Once you’re clear on the problem, reverse that and you’ll have the desired outcome that your clients want. This will be the major transformation your client wants to go through. It’s the ultimate outcome of solving the big problem.

For example;

High level problem: Disciplining kids without punishment

Desired outcomes: you have a loving relationship with your kids; they listen to you, are disciplined, and share things with you


⚠️ Step 2: What are all the possible problems your clients will encounter on the A-to-Z journey?


These are what your client wants/ needs to get away from at all costs.

Here, you will list all the problems of your client from point A to Z of transformation.

Then you’ll turn each of these problems into solutions in your program.

The solutions will constitute lessons and support structures in your program.

For example; (continuing with the same example above)

First write Mini-problems to solve for client. Then turn them into questions so you can answer those questions to find solutions:

  1. Kids don’t listen to the parents – how to make your kids listen to their parents for their own good?
  2. Parents don’t understand why kids are behaving rebelliously – how to understand why your kids are acting the way they do?
  3. Parents losing temper when kids act badly – How to not lose temper as a parent when kids behave badly?
  4. Parents punishing kids when they act badly – What are other ways to discipline kids without punishing them?


Now, brainstorm possible solutions for each of those Mini-problems:


  1. Parenting Habit tracker: Spend time each day listening to your kids first to establish the habit of “listening” in the family. Every time you promise your kid something, deliver on it to establish obedience from your side and make them revere it. Kids will reciprocate soon.
  2. Toddler Behavioral psychology training: to help you understand the Behavioral patterns of a toddler.
  3. Role-play exercises: to help you predict your child’s bad behavior and mentally prepare for it in advance so you don’t lose your temper on the spot.
  4. Pre-framed Scripts to respond in different situations: what to say when your child says —
  5. Etc.


🗺️ Step 3: Create a Client Milestone Roadmap


To create this roadmap, you will map out exactly what your clients will be able to execute and achieve inside your program as they work towards reaching the final outcome.

While there may be a lot of tiny steps they’ll have to execute, there are usually a handful of minor and major milestones in a program.

You can group a bunch of sequential steps your clients will execute that lead towards one mini-outcome as a Milestone.

Note: Milestones are considered as mini-achievements that are tied to the efforts of your clients, NOT the results of efforts.

As coaches, we measure the progress to success by tracking the efforts of clients, not the outcomes as they’re solely in Allah’s control.

Think about it like this – The only GUARANTEED way to never get any results is to do nothing.

And the only way you can have the BEST CHANCE of getting results is by putting in the correct effort for as long as it takes.

So if you can make sure that your clients are putting in the effort and track that, the results end up happening on their own timelines anyway.

For example; (continuing with the same example above)

MILESTONE 1: Spend 30 mins each day for 30 days with each kid privately to ask about their day, what they want, and any problems they have.

MILESTONE 2: Try 1 alternative method to punishments every time your kid acts badly. Record the results of 10 different methods and see which one works the best with your kid.

At this stage, all you need to do is put together your first draft of the client journey roadmap.

There will be many more drafts and iterations as you start building your program with your clients. Your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect! It just has to make enough sense for you to figure out the best time frame for your program time container.

Your first draft will also allow you to clearly communicate exactly what your clients will be doing in that timeframe of your program, so they’re able to visualize their progress.


🆘 Step 4: How can you speed up the process by adding more support for your clients


When it comes to how you’ll support your clients, you have quite a few options for the support level you can offer to help them create better results for themselves.

The more and better support you provide your clients, the faster they’ll help themselves transform.

There are a few different types of support structures you can include in a program including:

  • 1-1 coaching calls,
  • Done for you work,
  • Group calls,
  • Office hours,
  • Worksheets/ workbooks,
  • Masterminds and breakout sessions (practice sessions, brainstorm sessions, strategy discussion and design, critique session),
  • Other miscellaneous support tools (mind maps, graphics),
    1-1 voice memos access (Slack, Voxer, Whatsapp),
  • Pre-recorded curriculum training, etc.


With that said, there are too many options and it can be tempting to add everything into your program – DO NOT do that. Remember – you have to deliver on these deliverables once you enroll the clients so keep it simple for the first time and only add the most necessary support structures for helping your clients reach their results fast.

✍️  Next step: Design your course outline


I hope this newsletter helps you package and share your amazing knowledge with others.

If you have any questions about starting your halal online coaching program business, you can submit your own question or topic you’d like me to discuss in the newsletter right here!I hope you learned something today that helped you get closer to your goals. ✨I can’t wait to speak with you again next week!

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