"If you really want to help Muslims, you should make everything free!"

“If you really want to help Muslims, you should make everything free!”

August 26, 2023

This Saturday, I want to share a simple framework and 3 lessons that have helped me really commit to my vision to do service for the Ummah with my creative potential.

For context, I’ve always been torn between giving my time, knowledge and service for free or charging for it…? The mission is to help more people and on the deepest level possible… What’s the best way?

While I can’t speak for anyone else, personally I’ve found my answers in the framework I’m sharing with you today. I hope it’ll help you too!

If you’ve ever heard this from another Muslim, “If you really want to help Muslims, you should make everything free”

…and that belief is holding you back from creating an online program and charging for it…

…but you are also hoping to find a way to monetize without compromising your biggest Muslim value: to create a deep and wide impact, here are 3 lessons I’ve learned that can help you:


⚡Lesson # 1: Nobody questions paying for a service, EVERYONE questions paying for information.


– it’s an unspoken rule across all cultures, religions, nations etc. Especially in our Deen where one of the biggest values we learn is sharing knowledge with each other freely.


⚡Lesson # 2: Make information freely available to everyone. Monetize your work in 2 ways;


1.Start by offering paid services around that information OR

2. by charging for implementation of that information

Instead of charging for information, the two ways shared above are easier, more authentic and ethical ways to monetise your work as a Muslim entrepreneur when you’re just starting out.


⚡Lesson # 3: People pay premium for 3 things;


  1. Structure of knowledge 
  2. Implementation of knowledge 
  3. Service done for them

Now let me show you a framework from my digital diary that may help you put things in perspective:

Let me break it down for you!


1. Free content is not free! It costs time, effort and money to consistently create free content that provides value to people.


Free content is designed for two purposes:

1) To serve everyone regardless of whether they have buying power to pay for a service or not, to self-educate and help themselves with high value free information.

Free content always has more power over paid content to reach a wider audience as there’s less friction to consuming the content. This is why the impact of free content is wide.

2) To attract the people in the free community with buying power to learn about your work and give them all the knowledge to decide if they’re a good fit to work with you.

This way your free content is an authentic honest way of showing how you work and gives an idea of what it will be like to work with you on a deeper level.

This is essential for doing ethical business as your potential buyers must be given truthful knowledge before they make a decision so the relationship starts with barakah.

Free content allows them to have the information they need before doing business with you without having to pay to test your methods.



2. Paid services fund the entire work cycle of the Muslim brand,


The work cycle runs on funds including employee salaries, payment to apps, other bills, and more!
The number of people who will buy will always be smaller than the full audience size, hence, the impact of paid content is deeper than it is wide.

To think of it another way, since paid services also fund the creation of free content that further impacts a wider audience, it can be said that the paid services have the power to create a deep and wide impact.

Paid services are designed to:

  1. Provide service on the deepest level to a small portion of people in your community who have the buying power and want to use their money to pay for implementation or service that will save them time, effort and stress. 
  2. Position your work as an authority in your field of expertise. (when someone is charging for their work publicly and people are paying them with good reviews, it means they have built the skillset to earn a certain level of authority evidenced by their premium offer)
  3. Fund the lifestyle of the CEO and employees of the company so they can continue to provide free value to the community without burning out. 
  4. Fund new ideas, innovation and creativity that can carve space for much-needed products that solve problems for the Muslim Ummah!


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