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I’m always looking for genuine reflections from YOU so I can get busy and bury myself in the grounds of wisdom to create more high impact trainings and experiences that can help you.

My goal with Muslim Empowerment has always been to see as many Muslim professionals win BIG in their Deen and Dunya goals by maximizing their performance and impact.

And I want to share a little secret with you…

This was a survey I ran about a year and a half ago >> 

This survey reached 2000 Muslims online, was filled by 700+ people, and the answers you shared helped me create 50 long-form blog posts on Muslim Empowerment, 15 in-depth video trainings and live webinars, write more than 200,000 words of content, design and fill out a high-level group coaching program with over 50 course videos, and get exceptional student results from both the free and paid material.

Whenever someone reaches out to me via an email, or survey response and shares a nugget of info from their life goals and struggles, I read through it at least twice and then mark the ones I want to read again and again. This allows me to learn more about what you need so I can create content that actually helps YOU rather than rant on about what I’ve learned in life.

Today, I’m back with another fun short survey for you.

And I’d absolutely love for you to take a few mins from your time to share your response.

As always, I’ll be reading through each response thoroughly!

I work really hard to create high level, Deen-backed content for you, and your response will most definitely be a most appreciated contribution to Muslim Empowerment.

I will be looking out for your response to the survey. You can take it here.

ALL my best,


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