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February 2, 2024

Regardless of whether you’re just thinking of joining the digital Muslim content and course creators and coaches economy…

or you’ve already committed and have been creating content…. 

Creating content online by sharing what you know is becoming more important with each passing year.

If the non-Muslims are striving to avail the opportunity to spread their messages, the question is – why should Muslims sit back?

In my understanding of Deen, in this Digital Era Muslims who are capable and designed by Allah SWT to educate can’t simply sit back and watch all the toxic, ego-driven, Islamically-misaligned sources of information grow bigger and stronger, while they do nothing to share the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over years.

Being scared of hard work, overthinking about the future challenges, and staying stuck in analysis paralysis for years…That can’t be the healthy way forward to impacting the Muslim Ummah in this digital economy?

This has been proven dangerous with the growth of the digital economy over the last decade for one big reason –

  • Muslim content consumers who can’t find sources of information or support from spiritually conscious Muslims end up consuming content, buying courses, or hiring coaches from the same pool of Islamically misaligned advice of secular ‘gurus’…


I’ve had countless astonishing conversations with Muslims who are regurgitating misaligned advice they’ve learned from non-Muslim entrepreneurs and creators.

During the early years of my online career journey, I too, struggled hard to find high-quality top-shelf content, courses or coaching from digital Muslim creators, coaches and entrepreneurs.

This was the case 5 years ago. Now things are changing, Allahumma Barik. 🤲

It’s incredibly EXCITING to see more and more intelligent, spiritually conscious Muslims entering the digital space…This means the digital Muslim creator’s economy is growing every day. And that means MORE support for Muslim consumers, and creators/educators. YAY

Question is – are you ready to contribute to the digital Muslim creator economy and build your unique body of work for Muslims to consume for years to come?

But I understand, it’s not that easy especially when you’re just starting out.

You may have a lot of questions about this.

Today, I’m answering a question one of my clients asked me that I believe can help you too.

Question: what would be the best effective marketing channel for reaching my target audience?

Here’s a simple framework I’ve personally used for deciding your first best-fit marketing channel.

The framework below can help you discover the best channel for you to start with:


1) What is your niche (target audience) and Where do they hang out?


If you don’t know who your niche/ target audience is, here are some resources that can help you:

4 Steps to finding your niche

Here’s a worksheet for you to fill out and discover your best fit niche based on your skills, knowledge and experiences. I’ve also added some examples for you to learn from. Enter your email in the form below for me to send it to you.

Video training on How to know if your idea is profitable or not

This will tell us where that niche of people hangs out the most to learn, connect and engage with others in that niche.

For e.g. Working Muslim moms looking for parenting or fitness advice tend to hang out on Instagram or in Facebook groups etc.

Career Muslim professionals tend to hang out more on LinkedIn. For example; professionals looking for Islamically-aligned personal finance advice.

If you’re not sure where your audience is hanging out, conduct a simple google search to collect some industry stats. This can give an initial idea of where they hang out.


2) What is your favorite channel for content ‘Consumption’ and ‘Connection’?


Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to determine this>

Question #1: What is the channel you’re personally most active on where you CONSUME content (listen, watch, read)?

Your go-to source of content consumption can be divided into two different categories:




Search engines are platforms that have robust search engine capabilities that allow you to search content using keywords and find what you need quickly.

The platforms with the most robust search engines capabilities are:

  1. Google
  2. Youtube
  3. Pinterest
  4. Podcast


This type of content usually pulls up long-form video content , or long form written content [Blog articles].

You could be a reader, listener or a watch-er (is that even a word? 👀).

If you’re all of them, rate each of them in the order of consumption from most —- to least.

Personally, I’m a reader. 🤓

One thing to remember is that the search engine platforms are perfect for organic traffic using keywords, they are not designed for personal engagement/ networking (none of these platforms have capabilities to DM or message people to connect). This is where social media channels come into play.

EXERCISE: Note which of the above search engines is your go-to source for consuming long-form content?

Now, the second category of channels are those designed for short-form content creation and consumption. The big thing about this category of channels is that they’re designed to facilitate engagement and personal connections.




Question #2: What is the channel you’re personally most active on where you CONNECT and ENGAGE with others (like, share, comment, message, chat)?

The platforms with the most robust engagement, short-form content, and Direct messaging (DM) features are:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. TikTok
  5. X/Twitter
  6. Private community platforms (Skool, Mighty Networks,


Many of these channels also have search engine capabilities (although not as robust as actual search engines) which make them the perfect ‘starter channels’ for new entrepreneurs as you can get search function + content hosting + engagement features – all in one platform.

I recommend starting with any ONE of the social media platforms.

EXERCISE: Note which of the above social media channels is your go-to source for consuming short-form content?

By the way – You could be consuming content on one social media channel but connecting and engaging more on another social media channel…in that case write each down and rate them (from most favorite to least favorite).

Now here’s the kicker: If the niche you’ve chosen is YOU (which is THE best niche to pick), the chances are your ideal prospects are also using the same channels that you are. 😃


3) What is the type of content you enjoy creating?


There are 3 main formats of content creation:

  1. Text
  2. Videos
  3. Audios


You could enjoy creating VIDEOs – in that case, you can also note what type of videos you enjoy creating. These could be reels, long educational videos, slide presentations, talking head videos, vlog style videos etc.

You could enjoy recording AUDIOs.

You could enjoy writing – note whether you like writing long article style posts or short form posts).

Picking a format you enjoy is VITAL to make it sustainable for yourself in the long term and stay consistent.

EXERCISE: Note your favorite formats of content creation. If you enjoy more than one style of content creation – rate each in the order of preference with 1 being the most enjoyable).

If you’re not sure what you enjoy, it means you haven’t created content enough to really discover what you enjoy. In that case, you can try creating a few posts in different styles (video, text, audio) to figure that out.


Conclusion + Your Next Step


1) If you’re engineered and designed by Allah SWT to learn, educate and impact in any way (speaking, writing, teaching, recording, creating, etc) It’s time to START creating content and monetizing ethically by sharing what you know with others. What are you waiting for?

2) Follow this 3-step framework for deciding your first/ next content platform:

  1. What does your niche (target audience) hang out?
  2. What is your favorite channel for content ‘Consumption’ and ‘Connection’?
  3. What is the type [format] of content you enjoy creating?


Remember – the channel you pick initially may not be the one you stick with – it’s all fine.

It’s a learning curve every content creator must go through to become an authority in their niche.

Take my example; I tried everything in my first year of content creation – podcasting, video creation and writing. If you search in Muslim Empowerment, you’ll find my very first 5-6 podcasts nested cozily in the archive.

Finally after testing with my first few random content pieces using all formats, I discovered the format I enjoyed the most – writing.

In Sha Allah, in the future, we’ll add more content channels which will layer on top of my Newsletters and Blog.

For the last 5 years, writing has been the format I’ve chosen to stick with.

And the choice of sticking to ONE primary format has enabled me to write over 200 articles and newsletters (of 1500+ words each) in about 2-5 hours a week. That habit alone has enabled me to grow my audience to 40-80K monthly website views, build an email list of 10,000+ people and turn Muslim Empowerment into an Authority brand.

Side note – Don’t be afraid to be not-so-good at it right off the bat. Don’t be afraid to not be perfectly consistent in the start (I wrote only 1-2 articles per month in the first 2 years, and lost consistency a few times before getting into momentum).

You can search up my initial content on the blog and see how average it was. It’s normal for you to be OKAY at this game in the start, you will get better with practice.

Just start.

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