My 2023 Reflections

My 2023 Reflections

February 10, 2024

Today I want to share some of my reflections as I look back at last year, and take you truthfully behind the scenes of Muslim Empowerment in 2023.

2023 was a year of great new experiences and challenges I’ve never experienced in my life before. Let me take you through my year in a bit more detail…

Throughout the year, I lived between Islamabad and Leicester UK, and traveled to Malaysia, Bali, London, Norwich, Wales, Scotland, and London again. (BTW, this month I’m traveling to Turkey In Sha Allah. Send me a DM if you’re from Turkey, I’d love your recommendations)

I also took around 140 days off for vacation (to be clear, vacation days for me mean ZERO work. NOT workcation (working while traveling). This kind of flexibility doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires picking the right business model and setting up your business strategically BEFORE you go on a break. In full disclosure…There were some days during my vacation where I’d spend up to 1 hour a week responding to DMs). 

And in the 225 days I worked during the year, here’s what I did:

  • …I launched my private coaching experience called Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur [EME] to support professionals who feel limited in a 9-5 and help them to transition into a digital career by starting their online course coaching business. (If you’re interested in getting more info about this, you can DM me here or apply here. My clients are starting their digital knowledge business with their 9-5 and seeing incredible results so much faster than I did with my brand! I’ll be sharing their stories over the year In Sha Allah)
  • Published 50+ long pieces of content, 1000 to 3000 words each, for my incredible community (YOU!)
  • Hired 2 new team members for Muslim Empowerment (we’re now a team of 4 Alhamdulillah!). And we’re looking to add another member to our team In Sha Allah – I’ll send an email with more information about the role, keep an eye on your inbox)
  • Plus all the behind-the-scenes stuff that people can’t see – like coaching clients, creating new internal business systems, learning from books and courses, getting coached, building our funnels, website rebranding projects, day-to-day operational stuff like reviewing applications, training team members, responding to emails/ DMs, tracking metrics, etc.)


So here’s the first reflection…


🤔 Reflection # 1: I was able to take 140 days off from work and travel the world because of my online knowledge business.



This is the beauty of the online education business model that I absolutely LOVE – the freedom from feeling limited and stuck in a 9-5.

That’s the good stuff. Alhamdulilah All Praise is for Allah SWT

Now let’s talk about some of the real challenges I faced during the year. 

With everything Earth-shattering that’s going on in Palestine, I found it emotionally challenging to continue creating content, serving my clients and showing up powerfully while feeling so depressed. 

At one point, reposting news and stories on my instagram and donating didn’t feel like it was enough. And the fact that I’m rarely active on social media personally/professionally didn’t make it easier. But I’ve learned that for every Muslim with an internet, even just doing that is an important way to serve In Sha Allah. 

Then a family member said that getting stronger as a Muslim creator, entrepreneur, and coach is a far better way to help the Muslim Ummah, Palestine and the oppressed Muslim countries than just waiting for things to get better. Today’s leverage is the media. I wrote about this here.

The stronger the digital Muslim educators and entrepreneurs get, the better for the Muslim Ummah. More products and resources added to the online Islamic knowledge base, more economic growth, louder activism, wider reach of the Muslim media etc. – in short, a stronger Ummah.

I figured that working to increase the reach and depth of work at Muslim Empowerment is more leveraged than anything else I can do as it allows me to help the Ummah with my knowledge, time, and service – hence, the strive for the Big Win.

This internal breakthrough helped me get my focus back on track, Alhamdulillah.

That is another reason why I love the digital knowledge business. 

It has given me the opportunity to do full time what I’m designed by Allah SWT to do – learn, think, write, speak, coach, serve. And do it from anywhere in the world In Sha Allah

And I honestly believe this opportunity is there for everyone with a laptop and an internet to explore. 

I believe that nothing is stopping you from starting your online education business, nothing. Not even the lack of resources (lack of resources is an opportunity to get resourceful! I, too, started with very limited resources). 

Every successful entrepreneur I admire started with extremely limited resources – only a drive to make it work with what they had. Rather than playing the victim, falling into excuses and looking at what they don’t have. 

Think about it – Nobody is forcing anybody to do any type of work (not your employers, not your family, certainly not Allah SWT) – we all make our work related choices and live by them. 

But one choice we ALL have is to use the resources we already have been given by Allah SWT to go after the type of work we desire to do keeping FAITH at the center (proactive thinking) 

The alternative is to never dare step outside our self-imposed limitations and just go along with what the people around us, society, and the cultural conditioning has wired us to believe (reactive thinking).


🤔 Reflection # 2: I learned the best way to serve the Ummah is to do what you are designed to do by Allah SWT and to do it well! 


Another big challenge for me in 2023 was feeling a bit disconnected from my email community since I didn’t do any LIVE workshops/ webinars/ Q&A sessions. I’m not even sure why I didn’t, I always loved the live sessions I did in 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

So how’s this proposal – Are you craving a live connection as you work on your 2024 goals? Do you want to join me and other like-minded Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs in a live zoom workshop? 

If you’re nodding your head, I would love to bring back the live sessions this year In Sha Allah! 


🤔 Reflection 3: I felt disconnected from my community and I’m bringing back the LIVE workshops/ webinars/ Q&A sessions!


To start off, I’m putting together a brand new free live masterclass for you. 😃  But I need your help. 

I want you to send me an email ( and share which of the following topics below would help you the most right now? (you can simply respond with a Number(s) from 1-6):

  1. Plan Your Next 90 Days With Me (setting goals for personal growth + your business launch plan)
  2. Get Clarity On Your Business Idea, Niche, And Ideal Client with me
  3. My 3-Phase Proprietary Framework for Turning your knowledge into a Faith-empowered Digital Business
  4. Design Your Online Course/ Coaching Offer With Me
  5. Plan your daily and weekly Schedule for Ramadan with me
  6. How to Set Up Your Digital Knowledge Business In Just 30 Mins A Day In Ramadan (so you’re ready to start promoting and enrolling clients after Ramadan)


It will be you, me, and some other like-minded Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs – we’ll make it cozy. ☕

What do you say?

Pick a number from 1-6 (you can pick more than one) in a quick email to me. I’m excited to read your response! 🙂

I want you to know, I appreciate you with ALL my heart for being an important part of Muslim Empowerment. 

It’s an absolute joy to serve you. ✨

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