my goal-achieving roadmap for 2024

My goal-achieving roadmap for 2024

November 11, 2023

Going into the new year, 2024, rather than showing you how to set ‘goals for the new year’…

Today I want to share with you my personal roadmap for building any skill/ achieving a goal that I’ve been using for years.

Maybe you already KNOW your goals…

Maybe you’ve known your goals for over a year now!

Maybe one of your goals is finally starting or growing your online business. But there are SO many skills you need to build to succeed that you’re feeling overwhelmed.

My guess is, you don’t know how you’ll create success in that thing (whatever that thing is for you) because you don’t have a roadmap of acquiring that skill or skills required to create the result you want.

For example; you could have an idea for an online program/ service but you don’t have the marketing or sales skills to enroll clients. Or you have built an audience and already have been creating content for some time now, but you want to build the skill of monetizing your work.

The roadmap I share today has helped me gain a few skills without acquiring any sort of expert status at them (and you’ll see why you don’t even need to acquire expert status in everything you achieve) and how you can do the same.

And acquiring those skills have made me closer to my goal of succeeding as an online Muslim entrepreneur.

When we stop trying to be an expert (“perfect”) at many things, it reserves our best energy for acquiring expert status at ONE (or max. a handful of things).
It also removes the pressure and lowers the friction to starting so you end up actually DOING more things in a year than most people will achieve in a lifetime.

Let’s call this being a ‘generalist expert’.

This serves you really well especially if you’re on the path to be an entrepreneur.

For more context, let me share some examples of the skills I’ve acquired without any expertise as a generalist expert:


⛳ #1: I lost nearly 2 stones of weight over the last 5 years and kept it off (ok fine, most of it off 👀)


I am not a health and fitness coach. (Please don’t DM me asking me to coach you on weight loss.)

I may be a doctor.

I may have some knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

I may be someone who has lost weight and has learned how to eat healthy and stay fit.

But I’m not a health expert and I don’t care to be one.

I just share my example to motivate others.


⛳ #2: I learned branding and web design in the first 3 months of starting Muslim Empowerment 5 years ago


I am not a web designer or software engineer by profession.

I don’t spend my time refining web design skills.

As cool as I find nerdy stuff, I don’t geek out codes for a living.


⛳ #3: I designed a holistic life and business operating system on Notion.


(Including a CRM, sales pipeline, project management, content management, and task management databases and dashboards, etc.)

I am not a tech systems expert.

I don’t design high tech systems for organizations.

I don’t spend my weekends sharpening my tech blades.


⛳ #4: I’m learning how to manage my finances as an entrepreneur.


I am not a personal finance guru. Far from it.

I have always struggled with overspending.

I may be good enough at math but I’m no math genius.

I don’t crunch numbers for a living.


⛳ #5: I learned how to create content and monetise online without compromising my values as a Muslim


This is my area of focus for building my expertise. I truly love it.

I try to work really hard to be decent at this skill set by dedicating most of my working hours refining my copywriting, communication, marketing in the Muslim space, content creation, ethical sales, time management and life organization skills – in short, becoming a better Muslim entrepreneur.

I’ll always be a student of entrepreneurship. As I execute stuff and stay consistent on my journey, I learn new things.

A lesson I’d like to share with you is that to be an entrepreneur, it’s important to be good at many things. Not just an expert at one thing.

I’ve discovered that to be an entrepreneur, you have to be more of a generalist in many areas and an expert in at least ONE.

I use a secret formula to acquire any new skill I need to.

This is what has allowed me to be a generalist in many areas and an expert in a couple of areas that are most important for me.

Below, I’ve shared that short 3 part formula with you. Without leaving any part out. Promise.I follow it religiously and if you do too, you can learn anything.



This is the recipe.

Take an example of a dessert you are planning on baking.

The baked cake at the end of the baking process is the OUTCOME.

The resources you need to bake the cake are the INGREDIENTS.

The steps you follow to bake the cake is the RECIPE. In other words, the Strategy.

Just like a simple thing, baking a cake, takes a recipe to work… your business needs a recipe to have a good outcome.

Anyone can try to bake a cake. But for a cake to come out really well done, either:

  1. Somebody who has never baked a cake before follows the step by step recipe to reach a well done outcome.
  2. Or somebody who has become a master at baking that cake can skip following the recipe, eyeball everything and it will still come out well done.

Whenever I would build a new skill like when I was starting out on Pinterest or Google SEO or content marketing, I would learn the correct recipe from the people who have implemented the recipe successfully… this was the STRATEGY.

I figured either I could spend all my time trying to invent a recipe as a beginner, or I could either get it for free or buy that recipe and then spend my time mastering it by practicing the correct recipe.

Takeaway – if you’re serious about building a skill to succeed in your goals, get/buy the best recipe.




Recipe books are full of recipes.

The exact same recipes that millions of people have access to.

Anyone can buy a recipe. But not everyone can cook. Why’s that?

If the recipe alone could make one a Michelin star chef, everyone would be a chef, correct?

Two people could execute the same recipe and yet the end product could be quite opposite.

One could be irresistibly good and the other could be terribly bad.

That’s where the difference in execution takes over.

Having the right recipe is the first step, the second step is to execute it correctly.

Without mistakes. One terrible mistake, let’s say too much salt, could completely ruin the end product.

Takeaway – if you’re serious about building a skill to succeed in your goals, shadow a chef who is a few steps ahead of you or ask the chef to teach and train you on that recipe.




I believe mindset is often the most overlooked and underestimated part of building any skill and achieving any goal.

But it is the ONLY thing that differentiates an average chef with nothing special to offer from a Michelin star chef who always has more demand than they can ever possibly meet with.

For example, what happens when you are put under pressure? How would you stay strong to keep practicing the recipe despite getting terrible results? How would you execute the recipe with focus when things in your surroundings are not going your way?

How would you put out a fire amidst cooking and delivering to hungry customers sitting impatiently on their tables? How would you keep up with all the things to do simultaneously? How would you keep making the same recipe even when you’re bored and don’t want to but have to? How would you fix a recipe going bad?

You can’t do any of that unless the mindset required to follow that recipe has been conquered. I learned from another coach, “Mindset activates strategy”.

Takeaway – if you’re serious about building a skill to succeed in your goal, master your mindset to do what’s required for that particular goal.

If you want to succeed in your goal but you don’t want to

  1. Get the right recipe
  2. Implement it correctly
  3. Master your mindset

You also have another option


Stop dreaming.

And drop that goal.

OR dream big and tie that camel.


Your Action Step:


To recap, here are your action steps for creating your 2024 plans:

  1. Decide which goals you want to keep and which to remove from your list (keep the list short)
  2. Pick one goal first – then reverse engineer the path to success for that goal by breaking down the strategy, execution and mindset you’ll need to succeed


I hope this was helpful and you’ll be moving forward to work on your vision without overthinking!

If you have any questions about starting your halal online program business, you can submit your own question or topic you’d like me to discuss in the newsletter right here!As always, I appreciate you getting to the bottom of this email and I can’t wait to share more helpful content with you!

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