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Balance Deen and Dunya


The only Implementation Program for working Muslim Professionals on how to organize and simplify your life so you can make time for your Deen and personal goals with work, follow-through and finish all the goals you start in a systematic way, as well as stay consistent in new habits. 

“Thank you Aimen for all this work, this program is a gem. I hope a lot of Muslims can learn and implement this program so they can see great results and changes in their lives. We need strong Muslims to lead the way and your program is certainly one that can change perspective and change lives. May Allah bless you and what you offer.  Jazzaki Allah Khair.”



Integrate BDD in your life

Be the first in your circle to implement this innovative, cutting-edge productivity framework that makes you an exemplary high-achiever. The sooner you implement this framework, the sooner you can streamline everything in your life, create balance in your days and achieve your pressing goals!

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Balance Deen and Dunya 

‘Balance Deen and Dunya’ course combines the most powerful modern time-management strategies with Islamic concepts from the Quran & Sunnah into a step-by-step framework (BDD) to help you create a dream balance between all your roles, responsibilities, and goals as a busy Muslim professional.

This is my signature course for working Muslims who want to create balance in their days by getting well organized, and achieve their most important projects for the year — all the while being aligned with their purpose in life as Muslims and empowering their mindset through faith.




✓ Plan, prioritize, align and achieve your goals in a strategic way.  

✓ Discipline yourself and get rid of time-wasters, giving in to distractions, procrastination, and laziness – once and for all.

✓ Build better lifelong habits and set yourself up for consistency from the start.

✓ Cut overwhelm by managing your energy. Learn when to step into the ground to take action and when to step back and unwind.

“I’d easily feel overwhelmed just by thinking of all the tasks that need to be done and get exhausted mentally before even starting to do anything.

Now I take one thing at a time and make my plans and goals realistic to me. I can see the difference already in my mental status and can calm myself down if I get too overwhelmed.”


“I’ve started to pray on time, work less and spend more time with my daughters. Earlier I was doing everything on my own and was exhausted but now I delegate, and feel content by being focused on my priorities, and sticking to my good habits including praying Salah, reading the Quran, doing daily maghrib adhkar, learning something new about Islam and teaching it to my girls, and doing regular physical activity… Despite my busy schedule, I’ve also been able to workout by going for a 1-hour walk 4 days a week!

Aimen is a very positive soul, and explains things in such a manner that they seem easy to do and follow. I really get the motivation after my session with Aimen to continue the good work and try to achieve more.”


“BDD has been a real game changing approach to maximize productivity. I have always tried to set goals but struggled to finish them. Finally I’ve achieved the ones that seemed impossible for me to achieve. Watch the videos and put it in the work and you will see results.

Aimen is a productivity implementation Guru. She gives you prescriptive tips on what you need to move forward. She is a really excellent teacher. 

BDD has definitely been a fantastic and  worthwhile investment in 2021 for me. No regrets at all! I recommended it to my family and 100% recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it. I will be telling more people as the opportunities arise!”



1 on 1 Coaching

1:1 virtual coaching for busy Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to explore their true potential, embody their next-level self, and excel in their Deen and Dunya goals by leveling up their mindset and personal productivity system.

I will be your sounding board, strategic brain and accountability advisor as we work through your biggest productivity challenges. The purpose of 1-1 coaching is to help you take things in your work and personal life from good to great. 



You are overwhelmed with all the projects you’ve taken up and the goals sitting on your to-do list. You want a direction to start, simple plans and schedules to follow-through and accountability to finish your goals without working yourself to the ground.


You want to have the focus, energy and discipline to get more things done each day by cutting back on the time you may be wasting here and there.


You want to hold on to your Ibadah and Islamic practices despite having a busy schedule and low energy at the end of the day.


You want to be able to spend time to unwind and relax for more fulfillment without feeling guilty.


“Aimen has perfect energy and spirit! The sparkle in Aimen’s talk, the energy and motivation to teach someone she has never met before, and her support throughout this journey is remarkable! Working with Aimen was as sincere as talking to a good friend and as professional as getting tailor-based solutions from a consultant. I implemented the BDD framework and I saw that it was above my expectations!”



Azizbek Zubaydullah

 “I am more conscious of my energy levels and now focus only on the most important things. I’m working on setting my business in a way that does not require so much of my attention so I can spend more time learning about Islam, and memorizing Quran. Because of BDD, I’ve started to reach my dream productivity!”

Alia Mouradi

“I knew what I wanted to achieve but I wasn’t very well organized. Every time I’d use a planning system, it wouldn’t stick with me. Thanks to BDD, I’m using my planning systems and schedules properly… I’m able to prioritize between my goals and focus only on my most important goals at one time. I’m on my journey to memorize the Quran (finishing Juz 10 this year) and also have been able to create and launch my life coaching program 3 months ago!”

Aminat Moldalevia

“I’ve been creating all kinds of routines and to-do lists every day, but could never finish the tasks on my plan or my goals till the end and that would stress me out. Now after BDD, I feel much more confident and am not afraid of making plans anymore because I have a Master Plan to help me achieve my goals!”


Hey there, Salamualaikum!

I’m Aimen Saifullah

I’m a doctor, entrepreneur and productivity coach who loves few things more than good food, finding humor in unconventional things, and teaching Muslims like you how to live a more intentional, fulfilling and balanced life! 

Being a working Muslim professional myself, carrying a massive list of goals with me at all times, I’ve just had to figure out a way to create a healthy balance in my life. After helping thousands of other Muslim professionals through my blog over the last 4 years, I’ve discovered that most busy professionals have the potential to do so much more with their time and energy but they feel limited. 

So my job is to help you reprogram your mind through faith and to give you the best modern productivity + organization systems, strategies and tools so you can step into your next level as a Muslim. 

Around here, I help you achieve your sky-high goals in a fun, stress-less way as well as help you cultivate a life of purpose, productivity and fulfillment!

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