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Featuring an online self-development Q&A coaching session with another growth-oriented Muslim just like You!

Q&A Friday features self-development questions answered in bite-sized podcast episodes. In Q&A Friday, Aimen dives deep with Muslims on a targeted Q&A session and addresses their most critical everyday self-improvement struggles. Interested in getting practical answers to your questions? Scroll down and submit your question in the form below.


NOTE > We’ll be re-launching the podcast in 2021 InshaAllah. Till the re-launch, there’ll be no new episodes of Q&A Friday (you can submit your question and if it’s approved, it’ll be answered in the later episodes of the new podcast). 

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I sincerely hope you decide to contribute to 


Guidelines for submitting your question

If you choose to ask me a question- which I really hope you do- you’ll have to follow some really basic rules. This way it’s more likely that your question will be selected for Q&A Friday. You will get personal advice from me for your problem and the MYP audience will get to learn something productive as well. It’ll be a win-win for all. 🙂 

1. Submit your question by filling out all the fields in the form above (your email, first name and question). Your question should be strictly around the topic of self-development for Muslims. Questions regarding the topics: Fiqh, Quranic Tafseer, Tafseer of Hadith, Current affairs, Islamic History, Controversial topics etc. will not be catered. For such topics, refer to your local Imams or Scholars. Muslim Youth Programme is a highly focused self-development site for Muslims, kindly respect that.

2. You can submit more than one question. Remember- if you’re sending us good questions, you’re contributing and adding more value to Muslim Youth Programme. And I will appreciate that very much! 🙂

3. By submitting your question, you are agreeing to the following:

* Your first name (not your full name) will be mentioned while addressing the question on the blog. (If you are not comfortable with that, you can always submit your pen-name instead of first name).

* You agree to receiving emails from me from time to time.

4. Please keep your questions respectable and self-development-focused. Spammy, impolite, or extremely private questions will not be considered for Q&A Friday. 

 To leave a question for me, all you need is an internet connection and a couple minutes to drop the question in the form above. If the question selected requires a detailed answer, I’ll only get around to answering one question in a Q&A session. But for the questions that can be covered with brief answers, I’ll answer more than one in a single Q&A session.   


I get a lot of questions and I love that, but because of the load of submissions, I’m afraid I might not be able to answer every single question. That said, I’ll answer as many qualified questions as I can, but if your question is similar to (or exactly the same as) one that we’ve already discussed, or if it doesn’t follow the guidelines, then I’m afraid I’ll have to drop it. JazakAllah for understanding that! 

Finally, please keep in mind that by submitting your question, you’re agreeing and accepting the above submission guidelines as well as giving me permission to share your question publicly on the blog.

Is there another way you can contribute to 


I’m glad you asked pal! Or maybe I’m just itching to tell you 😀

I would love it if you left comments under the Q&A sessions, giving maybe a useful tip, a personal insight or words of encouragement- Anything! Insha’Allah, the best discussions will happen after the Q&A episode. 

I’ll be responding to every single one of your comments there (I’ve turned my email notification on fo’ them comments especially, ahem. 😉 ) and you’ll also be helping out other Muslims by sharing your words of wisdom (everyone has something wise to share). Consider these productive discussions as an opportunity to do dawah to other Muslims, Insha’Allah. 


JazakAllah and thank you in advance for sharing your genius! I can’t wait to receive amazing questions and comments from you! 🙂 

Hey there! Salam 🙂

I’m Aimen Saifullah

I truly believe we don’t have to give up on our goals in Dunya to secure an Akhirah for ourselves. 

I created MYP to give a commonplace to all like-minded growth-oriented Muslims from around the globe. My job is to help bring practical Islam in the everyday lives of Muslims without making them feel like it’s a burden – to make the process of getting closer to Allah S.W.T. achievable and enjoyable.

Around here, I share productivity secrets and help you achieve your sky-high goals in a stress-free way (I like my calm). I’m also big on good food, anything funny, creativity and teaching Muslims (like YOU) how to get to that ‘next-level’ of discipline & productivity and become the exemplary Muslim you’re destined to be.


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