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Why I rebranded the website to Muslim Empowerment

Hey you, Assalamualaikum!

If you’ve been hanging around here for any part of the past 4 years, you must be aware that this brand was previously called ‘Muslim Youth Programme’.

First, let me just say this – you are simply amazing for sticking around! And if you’re new here – I’m going to happily assume that we’re now friends.

Now, onto the juicy news I have for you.

But first, let’s set the scene…

*shouts to the non-existent crew* Roll out the red carpet… play the duff… bring forth the delicacies… show ‘em your toothy smiles!

Today is an EXCITING day for us…

Introducing the new brand…


Muslim Empowerment

I changed my brand name from ‘Muslim Youth Programme’ to ‘Muslim Empowerment’ this week! *cue-the-confetti* 

After consulting my peers, doing istikhara, and intently listening to my audience, I did something SCARY that just felt like a natural next step for my brand. 

If I’m being honest? It’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time and my gut instinct was that the work we do here is more impactful than the name ‘Muslim Youth Programme’ gives it credit for.

Also, it’s a shift that just had to be made because the old brand name was not serving our audience. It had a front that only made the Muslim YOUTH feel like they had a place here. And that was not the intention for building this company in the first place. 

I discovered the limitations of the old name when I noticed a large part of my audience was connecting with me and the message of my brand, but felt odd being here since they didn’t fall in the category of ‘Youth’. 

So today, I want to introduce and welcome everyone wholeheartedly to our new brand – Muslim Empowerment! 


Self-empowerment through faith (Deen)  is a paradigm shift in the 21st century secular elite standard of success ~ the raging wave of ‘self empowerment’, ‘feminism’, ‘hustle culture’ and the likes of it… the Qaroon-ic, ego-driven, self-centered ‘Me, Myself, and I’ path to self-empowerment. We shun that distasteful path completely.  

Instead we choose the path chosen for us. 

The path of using strength from our faith to empower ourselves in times of difficulty and ease. To excel across all our roles, and responsibilities as Muslims. And to crush our dream goals in Dunya while leaving a legacy for Akhirah. 

In a world where ‘Hustle culture/ Limitless life’ has become the new slogan of success, our Deen provides a sweeter alternative through the example of our Prophet SAW.   

So let’s replace the toxic, unfulfilling black hole of a lifestyle ‘the Hustle culture’ with a more intentional, balanced and fulfilling way of life. I propose the slogan ‘Mindful living with Akhirah-aligned ambition.’ 

Together we’ll shun the ‘Hustle culture’ and practice ‘Mindful Living with Akhirah-Aligned Ambition’.

This new brand? It’s about us.

It’s for us to feel a jolt of energy to do good by just being here.

It’s for us to belong to a community of growth-centered Muslim professionals that’s driven by faith, anchored with strong values, and passionate about growth.

I wanted to build a brand that not only draws you to a larger message, and provides professional world-class level training, but also instantly connects you to a real human with similar problems as yours so you feel deeply understood (because let’s be real – it’s not fun learning with someone who doesn’t understand or empathize with you).

I really think we could all use a Muslim-specific productivity brand that not only provides transformative content and cutting-edge strategies, but is also fun, relatable and personal.

I designed this new website to make learning here an enjoyable experience for you (I hope you love it as much as I do!) and it was developed by our talented developers, Ahmed and Aazib.

I want to let you know that no matter where you are in your journey of self-empowerment through faith, you’re welcome here. There’s no judgement around these parts, my friend. We all start somewhere. And none of us are ‘perfect’.

I want to encourage you to dream big, live intentionally and work hard. Because that’s what Muslims do.

Around these parts, I’ll be sharing my best productivity secrets on living an intentional, balanced and fulfilling life as a busy Muslim professional.

Also, I truly believe that each of us has been given a unique set of abilities and skills by Allah that we can leverage to excel in our Deen and Dunya goals ~ but it all begins with reprogramming the ‘Self’.

I hope I get to help you reach the ‘next-level’ and eventually, become the exemplary Muslim you’re destined to be, InshaAllah.

Welcome to Muslim Empowerment.

I am really glad you’re here. Really.

I sincerely appreciate you.

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