Our Values

For us, it’s about purpose, balance, and excellence.

We serve conscious Muslim professionals who are here to excel in their Deen and Dunya by empowering themselves through Faith.


Mindful Living with Akhirah-Aligned Ambition is the Way to Embody Excellence with Humility.

In a world where ‘Hustle culture/ Limitless life’ has become the new slogan of success, our Deen provides a sweeter, revolutionary alternative through the example of our Prophet SAW. The toxic, unfulfilling black hole of a lifestyle ‘the Hustle culture’ is bound to lock you in a fortress of your own ego. It’s high time we travel 1400 years back in time and bring a portion of that perfect amalgam of slow mindful living mixed with faith-driven ambition in our lives.

Because there’s no excuse for a life without Akhirah-aligned ambition for the 21st Century Muslim professional who has been blessed with the resources, the skillset and the influence to serve the Deen. Each of us has been handed the responsibility of setting an example for the world in our own domain of influence [3:110]… but how can you do that if you aren’t pushing yourself beyond the pursuit of comfort?

We believe in a future of faith-empowered, resilient and top-performing Muslim professionals that are redefining the productivity standards for everyone by embodying their God-given potential.

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence because of the code of ‘Ihsan’ in our Deen [4:125] . Islam operates from the ethos of excellence (Ihsan) and invites us to do the same.

To most people, excellence = arrogance.

We believe excellence segues to humility if it is driven by faith. Because the only thing that can keep you grounded in the pursuit of excellence across all your roles is taking strength from faith to empower yourself in times of success and failure.


Sincerity and honesty is at the foundation of everything we do.

Our Deen demands only one thing: the belief and practice of the Truth. How can anything that defies the very core principle of our Deen have any barakah in it? [34] It can’t.

We believe that without sincerity and honesty, the relationship between two Muslims is a moist bed for the weeds of fitnah to grow. [2:42]

To start something with sincerity and to stay sincere all the way is not the same. True Ikhlas demands we renew our intentions candidly and regularly. That’s why we bake the practice of questioning your ‘why’ and aligning intentions to your purpose into everything we teach.


Facing every challenge with relentless optimism, grace and gratitude.

Man was created in Juhd (struggle) [90:4]. A life without struggles is a dream best reserved for Jannah.

Truth is – no matter how well-prepared and put-together you are, there will be periods of crisis and chaos. And it is in our ability to gain strength from our faith to handle crises with grace and gratitude that really sets us apart as Muslims.

There’s no room for hopelessness and despair in our Deen [12:87]. Instead of dwelling in despair, we believe in operating with a solution-focused mindset. Relentless optimism unmasks concealed channels of growth without which discovering your full potential is just not possible.


Deep thinking is as vital as food and water for cultivating a life of fulfillment and purpose.

The world thinks that Islam boxes people under a fixed doctrine and leaves no room for intellectual freedom. Muslims know that our Deen is the only religion that advocates using your intellect through contemplation and meditation to explore inner wisdom [3:191]. The kind of wisdom that can never be ‘taught’ in books because it has to be extracted from the spiritual realm of the Universe. The kind that creates growth at an unearthly pace.

We believe that the echoes and ripples of deep thinking are layered into everything you touch – every project, relationship, practice and decision. It’s the philosophy that carries into everything we teach our students and clients, too.

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